HotelTonight Promo Code: $25 off your first booking using code CHPRICE52

save an extra $25 your first booking on the HotelTonight app using code CHPRICE52

save an extra $25 your first booking on the HotelTonight app using code CHPRICE52

I recently discovered HotelTonight. At first I wasn't sure it was for me - I'm a planner! How could I wait until the day I needed a hotel room to book? What if they were sold out?! But then I realized that their name is misleading. YOU CAN ACTUALLY BOOK DISCOUNTED RATES IN ADVANCE.

On a recent trip to New York City, I was hoping to stay at a luxury hotel in the Times Square / Theater district. I booked months in advance and locked in a rate of about $400/night plus tax and fees. But then a week before my trip, I checked the HotelTonight app. And low and behold, my favorite hotel was available for $210/night - a savings of almost $200 per night!  

Use this Hotel Tonight promo code to save $25: CHPRICE52

My recommendation is to reserve your hotel as you normally do, but make sure you can cancel without a penalty. Then starting a few weeks before your trip, check the HotelTonight app to see if they have a hotel and a rate you like better. If so, jump on it - those deals don't last long - and then cancel your previous reservation.

Keep in mind: the HotelTonight hotel rooms are only guaranteed to fit two people, so if you are traveling with 3 or more, you may need to book multiple rooms. And these rates are non refundable - you pay upfront and won't get your money back if you cancel your stay. But to me the savings are worth the minimal risk. The HotelTonight FAQ on the app is full of great tips, so be sure to check it out! And don't forget to use the coupon code CHPRICE52to save $25 off your first booking!


This post contains a HotelTonight affiliate code that will save you $25 off your first booking. They also give me a little discount on my next reservation if you use the HotelTonight promo code CHPRICE52, so thanks! Hope this post saved you some money!